Background of MUHURI
Muslims for Human Rights (MUHURI) is a Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) based at the Coast of Kenya. It began in
1997 to promote the struggle for human rights, with a view to contributing towards the national and international struggle to
promote and protect the enjoyment of human rights and civil liberties by all. MUHURI is legally registered under the NGO
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   The Goal

  “Promote Good Governance and a Culture of
   Human  Rights at all Levels by 2017”
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  “A Just Society Anchored on Human Rights and
  Good Governance”
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  “Promotion of a Culture of Constitutionalism and
   the Progressive Realization of Human Rights”
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  “Promotion of Justice” is the organisation’s motto
   and it signifies the unending efforts to realize
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  Respect for Human Rights

  MUHURI will promote a culture of human rights
  both within and outside the organization
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  Constitutionalism and Rule of Law

  Following the adoption of the new Constitution for
  Kenya, MUHURI will actively participate in
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